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N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand

N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 8

This item works extremely well and is very stable. My laptop feels safe being at the desired angle, and I love how it packs away into a neat compact case for transport.” - Taylor D. USA 

  • N3™️ is the best laptop stand for remote workers and freelancers. It is portable and height-adjustable, that instantly transforms your laptop into an ergonomic workstation. Position your screen exactly the way you like it so you can work comfortably anywhere throughout the day.

    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop StandMade with premium aluminum alloy, boasting an elegant silver exterior for the best quality and sexy appearance. 


    If you are working on your laptop for any extended amount of time, it's like that you've experienced stiffness or pain in your neck and back long before the day is over.

    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 2

    N3™️ remedies this by bringing your laptop to eye level and puts your upper body in an upright position. Your neck is immediately straight, and hunching is eliminated as you work on your laptop. Hence, no more neck and back pain, plus, boosting the performance of your work.


    Laptops are much more likely to overheat than their desktops. A laptop that overheats will start to slow down, eventually struggling to perform basic tasks as the processor runs less efficiently.

    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 3

    N3™️ helps keep your laptop cool, hence running at optimal performance longer, and even prolonging the life of your valuable laptop.

    This is by far the best equipment invested during Covid. It’s very well priced and makes the ergonomic way of working a breeze. If you work long hours at home, this is a must accessory” - Cameron M. USA 


    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 4

    N3™️ allows you to seamlessly adjust the angles to accommodate your height. You will get the most comfortable viewing position to prevent back, neck, and wrist pain. 

    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 5

    N3™️ is designed to hold heavy/large (up to 16.5 inches) laptops and delivers stillness. Work without the distraction of shakiness, anywhere you are indoors and outdoors. 


    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 6

    N3™️ is foldable, compact, and lightweight (just 200grams), ready for use. It is super easy to carry around, takes only 1 second to open. With this, you will work in a comfortable posture no matter where you sit.

    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 7

    N3™️ laptop stand offers you a comfortable and healthy lifestyle! You will never know how much you needed this until you own it!

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  • - 1 x N3™️ Laptop Stand
  • - 1 x Soft Carry Case
  • - 1 x User guide
WHY N3™️?

Reduce Pain: N3™️ will keep your vertebrae straight and prevent back, neck and eye strain.
✓ Sturdy aluminum built: Made of lightweight yet strong, sturdy premium aluminum.

✓ Stable triangular design: The linkages of the adjustable laptop stand are arranged in a triangular configuration to provide maximum stability.

✓ 6-incline points: Change the height of your laptop from 100-160mm according to your need in the office or at home.

✓ Anti-slip padding: The stand comes with full anti-skid padding on the linkages along with 2 holding mounts, so it is never displaced.

✓ Design for ventilation: Comes with an open design that allows ventilation for your device. Your laptop or tablet will never get overheated. Enjoy max speed & performance.

✓ Folding design for easy storage: The compact design of the ergonomic laptop stand allows it to be carried anywhere with you; to the office, while driving, on international trips, etc.

Compatible with all devices: Works with most laptops (7-15.6 inch), tablets, mobiles, MacBooks. 



    N3™️ - Adjustable & Portable Creative Laptop Stand 9


    30-Day Warranty - We are truly confident about the quality of our products.

    If you have any issues with N3™️, just let us know within 30 days, and you'll receive a stress-free replacement.

    If you need assistance, please email us at Our customer support team will be happy to help you.